About Us

Each AFTA team member has experience of around 350‑450 technical investigations and made about 30‑40 Court appearances. 

  • AFTA’s team members have been deeply involved in the investigation of nearly all the major civil and military aircraft accidents with a UK connection occurring in the last few decades.  They have also conducted or participated in the investigation of a substantial number of major accidents overseas.
  • Duties have also included planning, organising and directing underwater wreckage recovery, liaising with accident victim families and lecturing on engineering accident investigation.
  • AFTA‘s team members gained their investigation experience in an organisation that is quite unusual in the emphasis placed on the engineering aspects of investigations.  The work has been characterised by its broad scope, a requirement for scrupulous evidence gathering and the need for conclusions to be based on rigorous analysis of the evidence.  The backgrounds and experience of AFTA’s team members provide a range of expertise in technical investigation that is possibly unique.