About Us

AFTA‘s team consists of three professionally qualified Engineers with broad backgrounds in aircraft design and development and wide experience of technical investigation.

  • We each have very extensive hands-on experience of engineering accident investigation, having worked as full-time investigators, for more than 30 years, in a leading aircraft accident investigation organisation - a body which has gained wide international respect.
  • We also have significant experience as consultants in engineering failure investigation to a variety of organisations - with highly successful outcomes.
  • Our combined investigation experience covers a broad spectrum of both civil and military aviation world-wide, commonly involving high levels of complexity.  We have conducted investigations involving most of the widely-used transport aircraft and helicopter types, large and small, as well as many sophisticated combat aircraft and a large assortment of ultralight, light and intermediate fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters - encompassing an unrivalled range of technical fields.
  • We also have wide experience of investigating the management and working practices of design, manufacturing, maintenance and operational organisations - often the hidden problem behind the apparent problem.